Dining Sala

SALA is a cafe in Shinohara, Nankoku city. The menu includes Italian and Japanese foods. For example, pasta, omelets containing … More


TORIDEN is a chicken restaurant at Honmachi near Kochi castle. It is large and has the appearance of an Izakaya. It … More


Mandaraya is a Chinese restaurant. There are many kind of Chinese dishes, for example chaofan (fried rice), ebi-mayo (shrimp fried … More


Ranya Nicotte is kind of soup curry and cake restaurant, popular with women. The menu is Japanese style curry and … More

Dining SALA

Dining SALA is a restaurant with a cozy, ambient feel. It is popular with families, friends, and sweethearts. The restaurant can be … More


Ajinokoyomi sells a variety of Japanese, Chinese, French and other Western dishes and creative dishes. Examples are deep fried tofu, gyoza, and pasta.The … More

Mr Donut

Mr Donut is a BOSTON style café, although there are a few Chinese dishes on the menu. It sells mostly donuts, … More

Palace Hotel EZE

EZE is a natural all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant serving vegetables. This store has many seats and it is possible to hold a … More