Village of Omu-rice

In the central part of Kochi, there is a small village surrounded by mountains alongside a beautiful river. Even many … More

Blue-and-White Flycatcher

The Blue-and-White Flycatcher is called ‘oruri’ in japan. It is one of three Japanese  songbirds of the order Passeriformes that can twitter … More

Common kingfisher:カワセミ

Introduction Common kingfishers are the smallest members of the family Alcedinidae. They are found widely in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They are … More

Sumire: Viola mandshurica

Viola mandashurica is called sumire in Japan. Viola mandshurica families is generically called Viola mandsshurica. This flower is a perennial … More

Mitrastema yamamotoi: Yakkosou

Introduction Mitrastema yamamotoi is a natural monument of Kochi and is a representative plant of Muroto. This was first discovered in … More

Lycoris radiata: Higanbana

By T. Nakamoto Introduction   Bulb plants perennial toxic whole plant.Six pieces of petals arrive radially distributed in the form … More