Ranya Nicotte is kind of soup curry and cake restaurant, popular with women. The menu is Japanese style curry and café style dishes plus cakes and drinks. Soup curry is a thin soup with big slices of vegetable in it, which first appeared in Hokkaido. Rice is not included as with other Japanese style curry, although rice and curry is another choice.

There is a set menu. (Single dish, dish plus drink, or dish plus drink and cake.) You can choose size of rice portion and type of rice (butter rice, plain rice) or noodles.

Cakes are all handmade and exquisitely designed.

Customers are mostly women and girls, aged from 10 to 40. The décor is light, based on a white theme. It has big windows and the tables are made of untreated wood. There are many accessories and kitchen items. There is also a drink bar.

The atmosphere is relaxed and composed. However, service is not so quick, because the soup curry is made to order.

There is no childrens menu, but it does have seats suitable for children.

  • Shop address: 1F Aoyama Building, 6-14-1 Takasu Shinmachi, Kochi City. Nearest station is Takasu station.
  • Phone number: 088-855-7117
  • Business hours: 11:00~20:30. Last order at 20:00.
  • Holiday: every Thursday.
  • Capacity: 40 people.

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