Sumire: Viola mandshurica

Viola mandashurica is called sumire in Japan. Viola mandshurica families is generically called Viola mandsshurica. This flower is a perennial … More

Mitrastema yamamotoi: Yakkosou

Introduction Mitrastema yamamotoi is a natural monument of Kochi and is a representative plant of Muroto. This was first discovered in … More

Lycoris radiata: Higanbana

By T. Nakamoto Introduction   Bulb plants perennial toxic whole plant.Six pieces of petals arrive radially distributed in the form … More

BUNA: Japanese Beech

by S.saiki Introduction Buna is a kind of wood. Buna grows high area of mountain. Shirakami mountain range is famous … More


by M. Harada Introduction Yamamomo grow in Shikoku, Kyusyu and Okinawa. Yamamomo height will be 10 meters. Yamamomo have unique smell. Yamamomo’s nut … More

Yuzu: Citrus junos

by K. Yokoyama Introduction Yuzu is famous in Kochi prefecture, specially in “Umajimura”. Now , Kochi is famous about production … More

Kombu: kelp

Kombu is a kind of marine algae. Marine algae have many many species, only a few of which are eaten. … More

Mokkoku: Japanese Cleyera

Mokkoku is Japanese name and scientific name is Ternstroemia gymnanthera (Wright et Arn.) Sprague. This tree is evergreen high tree … More