Fiddler Crab

by T. Takayama Character First fiddler crab is Decapoda class sand crab family Uca arcuata. Fiddler crab`s gap length is … More

Fiddler Crab

by T. Oda Class fiddler crab has 10 Japanese types. Fiddler crab and hakusen fiddler crab are distributed in Kyusyu … More

Common Jay (Graphium doson)

by M. Yabumoto Mikadoageha or the Common Jay (Graphium doson) is a special protected butterfly in Japan. Mikadoageha’s subspecies live … More

Amenbo: Gerridae

Gerridae Aquarius paludum paludum, which have long legs for living a life on the water, includes Hemiotera Gerridae. In Japanese, … More

Autumn Darter

Typically red dragonfly refers to dragonfly belonging to Libelluidae Sympetrum, but in the narrow sense it may point only to … More


Insects are many many species, for example butterfly, moth, dragonfly etc. Mantises belong to the class insect. We think they … More