Blue-and-White Flycatcher

The Blue-and-White Flycatcher is called ‘oruri’ in japan. It is one of three Japanese  songbirds of the order Passeriformes that can twitter … More

Common kingfisher:カワセミ

Introduction Common kingfishers are the smallest members of the family Alcedinidae. They are found widely in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They are … More

Common Cuckoo

by. C. Ogawa Introduction This bird is a bird with an interesting habit. Parent does not make a nest. Because … More


by T. Tsujizono Onagadori is one of the Natural monument in Japan. It is same kind of cocks, and the … More

Northern Goshawk

by M. Okuda The Northern Goshawk , Accipiter gentilis is a medium-sized species belonging to Falconiformes Accipitridae. Is common species … More

Fairy Pitta

by S.Kajikiyo Introduction There are wonderful natures in Kochi and many various forms of life. Among of those organism, Fairy … More

Tsubame: Hirundo rustica

Everybody can see some very pretty birds at the beginning of spring in Japan . These birds are swallow . … More

Hato: Pigeon

The birds have the scientific name Columbidae. Columbidae is called “Pigeon” in English, and it is called “Hato” in Japanese. … More