TORIDEN is a chicken restaurant at Honmachi near Kochi castle. It is large and has the appearance of an Izakaya. It is near to the business district so it is very popular for office workers in the daytime. It is very crowded at lunchtime and you cannot eat if you do not line up. Most of customers eat the set meal that is a very cheap, plentiful and delicious . At night, many people eat the dinner menu such as a “charcoal fire barbecued chicken”. The atmosphere of the restaurant is lively  at noon and is like an Izakaya at night. There is no special lunch for children, so it is not good for small children.

  • Address: 4-4-49-1F, Honnmati, Kochi city
  •  Tel no: 088-875-1105
  •  Opening hours: 11:00~14:00, 17:00~23:00