Common Jay (Graphium doson)

by M. Yabumoto

Mikadoageha or the Common Jay (Graphium doson) is a special protected butterfly in Japan. Mikadoageha’s subspecies live in the world.

Description & Taxonomy

Mikadoageha is a same genus as Aosuziageha among the butterfly in Japan. Mikadoageha became the Japanese name because L.H.Leech, an entomologist in Britain, offered the name to the Meijitennou.

There are very few differences of color, a spot and so on.The caterpillar eats leaves such as Ogatamanoki.It occurs from the first time to the third time. The imago often visits flowers.

Mikadoageha sucks nectar in the top of the trees and the innerpart of branches. The eggs are produced in the back of young leaves.They pass the winter in the pupal stage.The imago are seen from early summer to early autumn.

Range & Ecology

Mikadoageha live in a variety of places, for example, Okinawa, Yamaguchi, Mie, Kyusyu, and low land of Shikoku.The distribution is limited, and there are a lot of variations of species.

Use & Conservation

Mikadoageha has something to do with human beings. It lives in Ushioetenmangu, Yoho temple and Ushioe junior high school the city of Kochi.

Only a small number of the individuals are special protected animals of Japan, so we cannot collect it. The protected animal of insects which is designated specially is Genzibotaru.


If you want to see Mikadoageha, don’t destroy Mikadoageha’s habitat. If you are careful, we will keep see Mikadoageha forever.


  1. 写真が大きく見やすかった。


  2. Thanks of picture,I easy to description.
    I was surprised to know that distribution is limited because it had often seen when it was a child.


  3. Recently I found this species on a puddle. This butterfly is so beautiful and valuable.
    I think that we shoud protect environment can live this species.


  4. I think that we mast keep Mikadoageha and environment. So population size of Mikadoageha can increase every year. Then, we can view Mikadoageha.


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