Fiddler Crab

by T. Oda

Class fiddler crab has 10 Japanese types. Fiddler crab and hakusen fiddler crab are distributed in Kyusyu and Western. Nansei island and ogasawara island have many types.

Description, Taxonomy, Range, Ecology & Whatnot

F1ddler crab fiddle Gap length is 20mm,gap width is 35mm.Typically,from the left and right eye is the center. Shell in an inverted trapezoid. The body color is red but sometimes difficult to determine in the mud what the colors are easily.

They live in tidal flats and mud hardened area. However,human activity became a major threat, and has reduced the habitat.Invertebrate Red List published by the Ministry in 2000,had been semi-endangered species,and were unique and endangered in 2006 due to revision of the increased risk of extinction.The breeding season is mid-August from mid-June.During this time,females lay eggs twice.Fiddler’s food is plankton and tiny creatures in the sand.

Hakusen fiddler crab fiddlers fiddling Gap width is 18mm. It inhabits sandy beach near the mouth of mud mixed.Ministry of the environment is Red List has been revised to class Ⅱ as near threatened and endangered fiddler crab,at the beginning of the 21st century,more than the fiddler crab habitat.The food is similar to hakusen crab.


Factors threatening its survival,the development of the rivers,wetlands development,coastal development,water pollution,and limit origin.


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