Yuzu: Citrus junos

by K. Yokoyama


Image by Jpatokal

Yuzu is famous in Kochi prefecture, specially in “Umajimura”. Now , Kochi is famous about production of yuzu . So, yuzu is indispensable when people speak about Kochi. Actually, If people come to Kochi ,they can see many goods of yuzu at shops or so.

Description & Taxonomy
Yuzu belong to mikan family mikan genus , and citrus fruits. The scientific name is Citrus junos. Trees of yuzu is about 3 meter and have stinging leaves . Fruit of yuzu is round shape and yellow color and strong sour taste and perfume and skin has protuberance. Yuzu is strong to cold environment in kinds of mikan, so, it can grow up in the Tohoku district in Japan and is long lifed. People plant seeds of yuzu in March to April, flower come out in May to June, next , people harvest fruits in autumn to winter.

Range & Ecology
The place of origin of yuzu is around the Changjiang in China. Yuzu came to Japan about at the Nara Era or Asuka Era. Now, yuzu is cultivated between the Tohoku district and the Kyusyu district in Japan.

Use & Conservation
In Kochi, cultivation of yuzu started in about 1965. But, yuzu was not good seller at first. In about 1990, people developed a vinger and a jam and a miso or so tastes yuzu . In 1988, people produced yuzu juice namede “gokkun Umajimura”. Then, sales of yuzu goods suddenly went up . Yuzu is traditionally put into bath in the winter day in Japan. Yuzu contains citric acid , tartaric acid , malic acid in fruit and contain many vitamin in skin of fruit , so , yuzu is effective to prevent cancer, sickness and stress. Yuzu is also used as a seasoning for Japanese dishes.


I came to Kochi recently. I knew that yuzu was famous in Kochi for the first time. When I go to a shop in Kochi , I see many goods of yuzu . For example , juice “gokkun Umazimura” . Gokkun Umajimura juice is very good taste. If you come to Kochi, I want you to drink yuzu juice . I think that you will become to love yuzu surely. Finally , I want to go to Umajimura famous about cultivation of yuzu , and harvest yuzu sometime.


  1. I think gokkun umajimura (a drink) is yummy and breads using yuzu is delicious
    but I don’t like a taste of raw fruit


  2. “Gokkun Umajimura”is very delicious!
    I surprised that yuzu is effective to prevent cancer, sickness and stress.


  3. It is very delicious although gokkun Umajimura has been drunk.
    Since he liked Yuzu, Kochi could be famous for Yuzu.


  4. I knew “gokkun Umajimura”.
    But,they were produced in Kochi and knew that yuzu is famous in kochi for the first time.


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