by K. Nagao


Octopus are very delicious living things and the octopus is located in a line with the supermarket. The appearance of an octopus is bad but octopus dumplings, sushi, etc. have many uses. An octopus has the area currently disliked overseas but in Japan, it is one of the fish and shellfishes liked very much.

Description & Taxonomy

An octopus is a mollusk. The tentacle of an octopus has a powerful beak in the inner part of a leg by eight. An octopus is an expert of disguise and changes its color of the body to a surrounding scene. An octopus defends itself from an enemy by this capability. Moreover, when attacked by the enemy, an octopus vomits sumi and escapes.

Range & Ecology

The octopus inhabits the sea in Japan and relatives of the octopus is all over the world. The kind which has poison in the octopus is also. The legs of an octopus are 8 and it can move them freely. These play an active part, also when gaining food. The favorite foods of an octopus are a shellfish and a crab, are caught using this leg and eaten with the beak in the inner part of a leg. An octopus is nocturnal. It is hidden by rock the daytime.

Use & Conservation

An octopus becomes a target of fishing or a fisherman catches it. An octopus is used as sushi sliced raw fish etc.and eats.


An octopus is seen if it goes to a supermarket, the sea, a market, and an aquarium. The Katsurahama aquarium will be recommended if you think that he will see an octopus in Kochi.


  1. Octopus is so close creature with our life.
    They are eaten,displayed,and many ways to used.
    We should know them and use well.


  2. I interesting that an octopus is an expert of disguise and changes its color of the body to a surrounding scene.


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