Mr Donut

Mr Donut is a BOSTON style café, although there are a few Chinese dishes on the menu. It sells mostly donuts, coffee, and Chinese noodles.

Everyone from old people to young people go there. On ordinary days is quiet and relaxed, but on holidays is busy and bustling. Because service is very quick, you can eat immediately. There are two chairs for children and the kids menu has a great variety.

The new menu is now available! One item is powdered green tea with jelly. There are two flavors – milk or black honey. The aroma of the powdered green tea is very good. It has a very congenial taste!

Pon de Ring is a favorite with children. The aroma of honey is very good!

  • OPEN: 09:00a.m~10:00pm
  • TEL: 088-823-0028
  • CAPACITY: 40people
  • HOLIDAY: Open 7 days a week