RANYANIKOTTO is an original soup curry restaurant. Soup curry is a style of Japanese curry. It serves a lot of kinds of soup curry and desserts. RANYANIKOTTO soup curries are very healthy. They don’t use meat very much, but use many kinds of vegetables. You can choose quantity of rice and the kind of rice (brown rice or butter rice), but the price is always the same. Desserts are nicely prepared. They use natural eggs produced by chickens fed with quality feed. It has a natural and trendy atmosphere. Menu is handmade, so very nicely designed. There are many women and couples among the clientele. At lunchtime on holidays, clientele is just about only women. They spend a lot of time talking, so it isn’t suitable for children. The service is slow as it takes long time to cook soup curry.

  • Address: 1-14-6 TAKASUSHINMACHI Kochi City, Kochi prefecture.
  • Open: 11:00
  • Close: 20:30
  • Tel: 088-855-7117
  • Regular holiday : Tue
  • Transport : 29m south from TAKASU station.
  • Parking spaces :3
  • Average price: ¥1,000~1,999