Yamazakura have the biological name Prunus jamasakra and is a rose family plant. It is distributed widely in Japan -Honsyu, Shikoku, Kyushu- and the Korean Peninsula.

Yamazakura is a kind of deciduous tree and the flowering season is March~April. Blossoms are white or pink and pentapetalous, their diameter is 2.5~3.5 cm. They don’t flower all at once so we can enjoy Yamazakura’s blossoms for long time. Yamazakura’s leaf is simple and alternate and is 8~12 cm long. the body is obovate or long ellipse, back color is light gray. And a bark color is dark brown or dark gray. Then Yamazakura grows up in good sunny place,and mountainous region as the name. Shows Yamazakura is used as materials for furniture.

Another Japanese famous Sakura is Shomeiyoshino. This has many points similar to Yamazakura, so it is difficult to find the difference between them. The difference between Yamazakura and Shomaiyoshino is the state of leaf twig and flowering season. No hair on leaf twig and the flowering season have a time lag is Yamazakura.

Yamazakura have many kind of species. Above all, Ooshimazakura, Ooyamazakura, Kashumizakura is famous species of Yamazakura.

Ooshimazakura is distributed Chiba~Shizuoka and Izu island,and grow up on oceanfront. Their leaves are an alternate and obovate or long ellipse. Their blossoms are big, white and fragrance. Also they leaves are used in the traditional sweet called sakuramochi.

Ooyamazakura is distributed in north of central districts and another name is Beniyamazakura. Their leaves are long ellipse.Ooyamazakura like well drained place and stand up to coldness and dryness. So They are planted lining a street.

Kashumizakura is distributed Hokkaido~ Kyusyu,but few Shikoku and Kyusyu.Another name is Keyamazakura. They flowering season is a week or two weeks later than Shomeiyoshino . Reason for Kashumizakura called this name,seen from far away this tree, look like a mist.

Yamazakura can see in various parts of Japan. In Kochi, it can see nearby the mountain or at Kochi university in the spring.


  1. I love sakura because so beautiful.
    I care what’s furniture processing and want this furniture.


  2. Sakura is japanese representative flower. Most japanese like sakura. In kochi, We can see beautiful blossom at kouchi-jou too.


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