Spotted Mackerel

The spotted mackerel‘s total length is 50cm. It is a sea fish. The body is a long and slender spindle type. The cross-section is near a circle. The back is blue green. There is a black curve. The ventral side is argent. There is a black macula. The scientific name is Scomber australasicus Cuvier.

Spotted mackerel‘s a generic name is scomber. The same family has a chub mackerel and a indian mackerel. A spotted mackerel, a chub mackerel, and a indian mackerel are called generically Saba. There are a lot of local names. It is called marusaba in various places. It is called hoshiguro in Niigata. It is called goma in Chiba. It is called komonsaba in Shimane. It is called donsaba in Fukuoka.

Spotted mackerel is distributed in the pacific tropic ocean. It lives in the sea off Japan. The habitat is from Hokkaido to the south. It lives in the east part and the southwest part of the Pacific Ocean. It lives shallowly in the coast. A spotted mackerel likes high temperature.

The spotted mackerel is carnivorous. It lives in a large crowd. It preys on zooplankton, fingerlings, cephalopods. It moves long distance.

Its spawning time is spring, from March to April chiefly. The main spawning ground is East China Sea. Izu islands and the Shikoku Pacific Ocean coast are also spawning grounds.

The spotted mackerel’s growth is early. But, longevity is short. Longevity is about six years.

The spotted mackerel is captured by coastal fishing. It is captured by the encircling net and the trap net. It is captured from the breakwater. It is captured by fishing from the ship.

The spotted mackerel is important as for food. The sushi, the broiled fish, it boiling putting, the fry without coating and the canned food, are used. It can eat the fresh one with slices of raw fish. But, the pain is early. It is necessary to note it.

Cold time is the most delicious. It doesn’t lose taste so much throughout the year. It is cheap. But, resins are fewer than a chub mackerel.

Spotted mackerel are possible to catch in Kochi. Tosashimizu.The spotted mackerel is called Shimizu mackerel. The Shimizu mackerel is a brand. Other brands exist. Spotted mackerel can be caught in Kagoshima Prefecture Yakushima Island. The spotted mackerel is called yakusaba There is a special product of sabasetu, too. But, the price of the brand and the special product is high.