Ashizuri Thermae:Glamping in Tosashimizu

By Hiragi Funai

The magnificent sea before your eyes, only you can hear is the chirping of birds and the sound of waves hitting rocks. This is the healing space that can only be felt on Cape Ashizuri, the southernmost part of Shikoku. In a space where there is no television, all you have to do is lying on a bed in a round dome and looks at the sky gradually falling into darkness. By doing so, you can feel your own space isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city.

On November 1st, 2021, Ashizuri Thermae in Tosashimizu city was reopened with new facility called glamping produced by Dot Homes. The word of glamping is a combination of “Glamorous” and “Camping” in English, which means “attractive, gorgeous,” and in literal translation, it means “attractive camp”. At the glamping facility, everyone can easily enjoy luxurious camping. In other words, you can enjoy camping under the facilities that are close to the hotel.

According to Mr. Shun Tomeda the president of Dot Homes, when opening the glamping, he emphasized the realization of “High value added to local areas” and “Regional revitalization”. The former means multiplying local attractions with glamping and content to create new value, while the latter means moving people from other regions to revitalize the economy by creating new facilities and content. They set up glamping here because they had such expectations in Tosashimizu.

Shun Tomeda

“I was attracted to the warmth, kindness of people and delicious food in Tosashimizu,” Mr. Tomeda said.

It has been only two months since it opened, they said that many reservations were made even before the big announcement. It can be seen glamping has become more known among people in recent years. In other words, this attention brings added value.

As stated in the concept of enjoying the transition of the sky, at this place aims to have an extraordinary retreat experience.

“All rooms do not have television sets, only planting and radio are available in each room.” said Mr. Tomita who is an operations manager of Dot Homes.

Their purpose is to create an extraordinary space where you can feel nature with your whole body and five senses. And also, it has a nostalgic atmosphere.

When I actually entered the dome tent or other rooms, I felt so quiet that I could hear my heartbeat, and I felt relaxed surrounded by furniture that felt natural materials. The furniture using here is from IKEA and MUJI. The color is very warm and feel like embrace me when I was in the room. It was very comfortable and there was an atmosphere where I could forget my daily business.

As I described above, coming to Ashizuri Thermae allows you to feel extraordinary experience. When I left, some staff came to the entrance, bowed, and saw me off until I was out of sight. At that time, I felt like coming back to this warm and comforting place again. I’m sure you’ll also feel like coming back when you visit this place. I would like you to come to this place where your mind and body can rest, as you face various things and work hard. Why don’t you make a day like that you are just lying on the bed and watch the transition of color in the sky at Ashizuri Thermae?


  1. I learned that glamping is a combination of the English words “Glamorous” and “Camping”, so I made my desire to go glamping even stronger.


  2. I’ve never tried to go camping in my life but this place would be the best place for me, a uni student! The vibes of this dorm attract me so much.
    I’d like to stay there with a couple of my friends next summer:-)


  3. The ocean view from the glamping facility is literally magnificent and extraordinary. I am sure that I stay there next time I go to Ashizuri.


  4. This literally changed my image of “camping” in a good way because “you can enjoy camping under the facilities that are close to the hotel.”


  5. I’ve wanted to visit there. The views are brilliant and I can’t wait to!
    Now we can’t go the place has the crowd of people, so there must be the suitable place to go and chill out without any electronic equipment.


  6. I thought it would be a great place to relax and forget about busy life. I would like to visit there.


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