Chagamaran, Youtube Stars of Kochi

By K. Nakatake

Kochi is one of the most rural areas in Japan. Children are decreasing, and older adults are increasing. In other words, Kochi faces an aging society with fewer children.

Nature is breathtaking, and people are very kind. However, young people are decreasing. They want to go to some city like Osaka or Tokyo because there are many more opportunities than in Kochi.

Many local people wish they could do something to promote Kochi and let the outside world know just how wonderful this place is. Five young men are trying an activity to promote Kochi through the use of Youtube.

Friends from their student days at Kochi University of Technology, their birthplaces are Okayama, Hiroshima, Kumamoto, and Kochi.

Their group name is Chagamaran, (which translates roughly as “won’t give up” in the local dialect). They introduce the Niyodo river, the Katsurahama aquarium, and other sightseeing spots mainly. Also, they drink alcohol made in Kochi in their videos, so they promote Kochi’s famous or popular places for people all over the world.

“It is necessary to have an action for Kochi. The young people like us have to do that because even the senior is thinking of a way to increase the population in Kochi,” the five young men said. They think about the future of Kochi seriously. Kochi cannot stop depopulation.

They do a lot of things every day, for instance, to take many videos, think about youtube, Kochi’s developing and the viewers who always watch their videos.

But they do not only youtube, so they have each occupation now. Two men work outside Kochi, and one guy works inside Kochi. Also, two men who the central member in this group have a part-time jobs.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to gather all of the members because their life is different, so their schedule does not match.

Why can they continue this activity although it is difficult to gather? The reason is many fans make it worth doing. When you find them, you can get a chance to talk to them and support. This makes them happy.

“We can be happy to hear a story about our videos. Our worth doing is vocal support from local people.” the member mentioned this.

They have made a lot of videos and some of their favorites are below. Each video has many good memories.

Report of Tsukimiyama park (athletic activity).

When they take this video, there are some TV reporters so they could appeal on the box.

Muroto aquarium made from closing school in 2018.

This aquarium is a new sightseeing spot in Kochi, and a lot of tourists visit then.
Tyagamaran focused on the souvenir shop. There were interesting sales person so that they could be very happy.

Drinking alcohol while playing a TV game

These videos were first videos which they took themselves in a member’s room also, This topic was too long, so they separated a first part and the concluding part. They took this video drinking Dabada, chestnut shochu made in Kochi.

Part 2

Chagamaran wants to try to various activities in the future, for example, leisure, renovation and recovery of old houses in Kochi. They would like to produce Kochi’s famous places and introduce some spots where they recommend. Also, they hope many people to entry to their channel to know Chagamaran for many people. Also, they hope to take a video with Masanao Ozaki. He is a prefectural governor of Kochi.

They have a definite goal to spread Kochi’s merit using youtube that name value become well known these days suddenly as a locally-based group YouTubers.


  1. YouTube is very modern advertisement of getting attentions. Hope more people know about Kochi increases by social media.


  2. I really intered in this group, so I will check their video as much as possible in summer vacation, and I want to visit these places!


  3. I didn’t know that! I will watch their channel. Since youtube is getting popular amog young people, I want them to be famous.


  4. Youtube is the nice way to promote because it is known and watched in the world.I often watch Youtube, so I want to see their channel.


  5. I can feel thier passion of kochi from your article. Even thier schedule do not mach, they continue to make video of kochi. This is not easy thing so I think they are awsome .


  6. I did not know them until I read this article but I thought this youtube channel is fun.
    They have goal and they are doing their best to follow thier dream. It makes me more support them.


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