A New Chapter, Here in Kahokucho

By Yuka Nakazawa

The lush, green plants cover the field as far as eyes can see. In the woods, a quaint house stands up top a hill. Soon after knocking on the door, a married couple appears, smiling to welcome the visitor. They wear aprons that have a sense of beauty. Then, pouring tea into the teacup with elegant smell flowing in the room. The interior of the room, filled with antiques and decorations that that this is not a typical café.

“Please come in and have a seat,” says the woman with her best smile. A lady who lives in Shirakidani is chatting with a member of groups.

“She also moved from a big city to Kochi,” says Yuuichi, owner of “Wednesday Café.”

The atmosphere that surrounds this building is relaxing, and the best it’s hard to imagine that we are still in Japan.

Launched in May this year, the Wednesday Café plays a vital role in introducing the different style of running his jobs in his second home in Kamicho.

The disappearance of the young generation is real. In dealing with this serious issue, it raises unsocial human interaction let elder people living in an urban city suffer. The situation they are facing right now is diluted social networking with older people. The quality of their life estimated very low, and they cannot find a place to be active themselves.

“We only open our store on Wednesday and organizing my occupation here,” said an owner in café Lotus Granola. His journey wound through Hayama in Yokohama, California, South India and Kyoto to Kochi.

The latest data describes that the number of people who moved to Kochi prefecture was 816 pairs when it compared to last year 119% more. The industrial promotion plan says a goal for this fiscal year has reached and fulfilled to its fullest.

“We love our city. It is very comfortable and suitable for child-raising, where local people encourage to have more chances to communicate together.”

Massive support from the immigration community service, Inakami center where help people from outside Kochi to be involved with the community they belong to.

In the big city, you do not even know people who are living right next to your house, but this is not something like that we used to have. It is attractive to have conversations with other people and to make the bonds stronger than before. Here it does not matter where you came from, and where you do not have to feel isolated. They encourage us to be one of the vital members of this town.

“As a matter of difficulty in an unfamiliar place, especially, people tend to be disconnected to their neighbors. The distress of living in completely another spot, not friendship and loneliness leads them to return reported by community organizers.”

“It is scary when I imagined the reality of this place. The household recorded 2,233. This means after 20 years, there would be countless older people who support this community disappearing.”

Despite the positive aspects of adapting in a new spot, there is also migration failure. Minister of land announces, the main reason is an inconvenience, low financial support, and interactions with people in the same community.

“When in Roma, do as the Romans do. We adjust our lifestyle into the new place, so we have no complaints about the management. No doubts the environment, the landscape, of course, people spending their lives are expected as the differences.”

“Our original plans failed within the oral contract exchange with the owner. I experienced there is no guarantee on the negotiation in verbal, and it is not effective at all.”

Technology is playing a significant role in a large field. Advances in software to get in touch with your family, biased information everywhere, this have made it possible for people to spend life more comfortable. Also, the dream you imagined and the reality that you face is bulk and skeptical: One actual case is the first place in which scheduled to live in Tosayamada failed within oral exchanging.

But dependence on paper works is not an official agreement and have to be careful about how to contact with local people by understanding its community’s values. And while 54% of people came to Kochi to have second life tend to leave due to cultural shocks they experienced.

“The concept of the neighborhood council is big.” Those people like us made decisions to expect it light connection in person said Yuuichi. Before the actions to take, you have to research very thoroughly, making the strategies to cope with difficulties you all have encounter.”

One of Wednesday in Lotus Granola, customers visit the café by driving their cars from distant destinations. They all are having lively conversations together and sharing the information. Two-steps migration took five years to be finally set in here.

“It was very tough,” said both them, Hasegawa couples. Especially in an unfamiliar place from the original site took many hours and days to figure out better solutions to be accepted. As life in Kochi begins, as the journey going on and on. People never imagine what will be happened in their future. My business just had turned into success, living with a fantastic view opens my eyes widely.

Today, Wednesday café is attracting many people’s attention in a unique way. Their smiles are putting a light where their spirits are strongly connected to their second home in Kochi.

“After ten years from now on, I want to be a who I am, it is a simple yet better life with managing my occupation,” Yuichi said.

“Working in different styles have infinity inconveniences, but that is what a real pleasure in migration, “he continues.

The awareness in developing the community value brings life a lot better. He urges as the life balance get improved as space and time we can afford. There is nothing like this place can be replaced by aged care.


  1. Immigration is more difficult than you imagine and this article have a great example of the difficulty of it.
    I found the good thing about Kochi from the story!


  2. Local connection is essential thing for immigrants. Also, residents should make friendry environment for them.


  3. Kochi is one of the most country side areas in Japan, so decline of population is occuring. I think this kind of place is very important to connect other’s and should be more spread.


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