Zatokujira: Humpback Whale

by S. Toyoizumi


Zatoukuzira is the order of a Whale, the suborder of a Baleen Whale, the family of a Finback.The scientific name of Zatoukuzira is Megaptera novaeangliae. And the english name of Zatoukuzira is Humpback Whale.

Description & Taxonomy

Lenth of Zatoukuzira is 11-16m,big ones reach 20m.Weight is 30t,big ones reach 60t.The jaw is covered with the acorn barnacle.A dorsal fin is a low triangle. Pectoral fin amounts to ⅓ of full length.This is very big and very long.

Range & Ecology

Zatoukuzira live the sea in the world.There are some areas.They live comparatively warm sea.They wander that around.They sing song.It differs for every area. Zatoukuzira can stop a breath about 30 minutes,small one is five minutes.They have from the water surface to less than 50 meters.

Use & Conservation

Zatoukuzira attracts many people for whale watching. It is 1,500,000 tourists. An economic effect is 225,000 000 dollars. To other there are Whaling. It is seldom caught for consumption, the obstensible purpose is “scientific research.” By whaling,the number of individuals decreased by 1970. Global whale program of IFAW cover this problem but it is recovering. Now, it is guessed that the numbers have recovered quite a bit.


We can watch Zatoukuzira in Kochi, Muroto, Kochi, Tosa, Tosashimizu city,and Saga, Oogata town.


  1. Zatokujira is one of the famous whale I think.
    But I don’t know they was increacing and recovering now.
    We have to save and keep good association with them.


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