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If you come across a dog called a “Tosa Inu” with huge brown body, drooping ears and impressive scary face, you’d better hope he’s a “good boy” in general. The Shikoku Inu is not to be confused with the fighting dog, even though in history it shared the same name.

It is the dog came to be known as the dog to introduce this time, and “Shikoku-Inu” now. This breed is becoming more popular overseas as well, I want you to know about it in addition to the more well-known Shiba-Inu and Kishu-Inu.

Taxonomy & Description

“Shikoku-Inu” is a canine, having the same classification as the Golden retriever Shiba-Inu. The size is from the feet up to the shoulder, from 46cm to 55cm and weighs between 15kg and 23kg. It is darker than Shiba-Inu has a large build, but it is not a particularly big dog.

This breed originated in Kochi Prefecture, was originally created for the purpose of hunting companion in mountain village near the Shikoku Mountains. It had to withstand hunting, and have the stamina and endurance. It is top class also in the Japanese dog. Once upon a time there was a classification system that included Hongawa, Aki, Uwajima varieties of the Shikok-Inu. However, due to mixed breeding, the difference between those varieties is no longer so.

Compared to other Japanese dogs, it has a sharp look, do not mistake many people to see Shepherd and Japanese Wolf. In some2000,fact,talk because they confuse the dog Japanese Wolf Shikoku and also in it was shaking the media.

Others are wary of the dog seems to have the blood of the dog in Japan, but to its master it is faithful. It is also possible that hound dog is also originally Shikoku-Inu, so pretty rough temper, would have to bite to others attention. As a matter of course, depending on how the discipline of the owner, you might become emotionally attached to others, however. If you have any if you have a Shikoku-Inu, owners will not have to study how firmly discipline should not be.

By the way, was called the Shikoku-Inu as “Tosa-Inu” originally. However, dog fighting was produced by hybrid of Shikoku dog and other dogs and like after – other called Japanese-Mastiff was born. Order came to be called “Tosa-Inu” even the dog, in order to distinguish the old Tosa, now referred to as “Shikoku-Inu”.

viewing, ecological

The Shikoku-Inu found only in a specific location is not available. However, compared to dogs such as Akita-Inu and Shiba-Inu, name recognition is quite low. Perhaps you think the Japanese “What is the Shikoku-Inu?” and often also asked to be returned to the same question from the Japanese.

This is because of the strength of will enough to be riding through the mountains and the roughness of temper. Unlike the docile Shiba, this character and stamina, to discipline civilians may be a little difficult when compared to Shikoku-Inu.
However, some ardent enthusiasts. So that no blood of the dog loves to Shikoku, some people have put the power to save. Shikoku-Inu itself, if you are starting from the time of the puppy, does not mean there is a big difference with his personality and other Japanese dog. I think discipline is also so easy to do.

If you want to see a lot of Shikoku dog, you’ll carry your feet and go to the exhibition. Owner has been training in order to show to people, can be seen Shikoku-Inu specific, is awe-inspiring figure.

Also, if you want to see kept, rather than a pet shop, it is recommended that you contact the Preservation Society. Only a low degree of well-known to breed, it is a thriving information between breeders and enthusiasts with each other, and those who rely on sources of information there, you will be able to get a good Shikoku-Inu.

It is a moderate exercise and discipline, that you must keep careful when most. Discipline is natural. Long as any dog, if you keep is more important than anything. Shikoku-Inu is a dog as a hunting dog and was issued birth. Always try to go for a walk twice a day.

In addition, Shikoku dog is so prone to allergic dermatitis. Performed such as brushing and shampoo moderately, please try to prevention.


Shikoku-Inu is quick-tempered dog. The pet, such as Papillon and Chihuahua is not suitable. The orientation watch dog. However, how to discipline, depending on how the shepherd, it is also a gentle personality.The era of now there is no Tosa-Inu is also recorded in Kochi that was using the dog as Shikoku-Inu fighting dogs. 600 years ago, is the time of the 14th century from now. From the length of this history, Shikoku-Inu is going to love.


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