Japanese Monkey: Macaca fuscata fuscata

by K. Terayama


These days the population of these monkeys is decreasing in a semi-natural area. This is due to human demographic shift in those areas. Also, a decrease in fields caused population decrease. Broad-leaved forest is source the monkey’s food and when those forests decrease, the monkeys turn to alternative human sources of food. And now a days monkey proliferate population size that why monkey can get many food that man can’t keep enough that forest. Increased monkey cause of wild life nuisance. For example monkey tear up someone’s house or snarl at children or old man and damage field during harvesting season.

Description & Taxonomy

Japanese monkey live a troop. Japanese monkey is divided into two groups by ecological point. One group called Macaca fuscata fuscata live the Japanese main land and natural limit all over the world. Cause of that they called “snow monkey” Another group called Macaca fusata yakui they live the “Yakushima” .They are smaller than Macaca fuscata fuscata.

Range & Ecology

Japanese monkey’s male called “solitary” that is some male live solo . That means prevent inbreeding.But they have rare case observed female live lonely. Normal Japanese monkey is live a troop and that have 10~200 in troop. that troop is the maternal line troop.Macaca fuscata fuscata is 50~70cm long and male weight about 15kg females smaller than male.And they have red face and red buttocks in a breeding season. That is sing they are sexual full grow have an individual.

Use & Conservation

In Kochi many monkey cause of wild life nuisance. So a public office prize monkey and people killed monkey.If killed old monkey ,young male or monkey have many food,female can drop baby.That is meaningless for decrease population size.So we should killed be pregnant female or ripe female or take chance monkey get many food.

In Nakatosa (in Takaoka district) start project named “Saru saru project”(that mean monkey leave near the village and they live only forest). For example leave orange, loquat (Japanese-plum) can get all. Cause of that monkey can’t eat that. And we make jam or jelly or etc.from that. Then it is sold in local markets which makes people have interest about that.


Wild animal change harmful or harmless for human. We shouldn’t have a one-side way of understanding about that. And think about coexistence. This summer “Saru saru project” have a plan away off monkey if they approach field or private houses.

If you have interest in “Saru saru project” give me an e-mail for miruku0422@gmail.com Please join us!!


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