Japanese Jack Mackerel:Trachurus japonicus

by Y. Kinoshita


All season in Japan Trachurus japonicus was familiar to the public food fish since ancient times. Specially fish has is plenty of fat on it as is regarded “fine fish”

Description & Taxonomy

The total full length of adult is 50 cm. But must fish are 30cm. Body color and body shape: color of dorsal is green black Ventral is silvery white. On the lateral line they have 69-73 a scale of spine. Anterior dorsal fin has 3-9 spines; the second having 1 spine and usually 18-37 soft rays . Anal spines usually 3, the first 2 separate from the rest; soft rays usually 15-31.It has Widely forked caudal fin . the Caudal peduncle is slender. Pelvic fins are fins lacking in Parona signata. Vertebrae 24-27 . Fast swimming predators of the waters above the reef and in the open sea . Some root in sand for invertebrates and fishes . It is one of the most important families of tropical marine fish. It is fished commercially and for recreation.

The family Carangidae belongs to the Class Actinopterygii and the Order Perciformes. It contains 33 genera and 140 species. Its ranges are northeast of Taiwan and southwest of Kyushu. Migratory type is swimming in the middle depths for a school the other hand root type is sedentary a reef of shallow not a seasonal migration. It Eats plankton, crustaceans, polychaetes, squid, and other small fish. The Kurosio current play important roles in transporting jack Trachurus japonicuss

Range & Ecology

In the western Pacific endemic species a distributional range is Hokkaido to the East China sea. Some of Trachus Japonicus separate group for each region,which are only slightly different in the gene pool and morphology ,ecology,a spawning ground,morphology main group is Kochi ,near Izu Kanto, the Inland sea of japan.

Use & Conservation

As important food in Japan,caught by set net fishing ,a round heal net ,a dragnet,a gill net,fishing,etc Catch up a lot of fish in a variety of fishing. Summer is the season for Trachus japonica.


You can see Trachus japonica in Kochi Katurahama Aquarium and the Ashizuri sea building.


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