Fairy Pitta

by S.Kajikiyo


There are wonderful natures in Kochi and many various forms of life. Among of those organism, Fairy Pitta is valuable animal. Because the population is very small and habitat is limited, it’s difficult to see it.


Fairy Pitta (Pitta nympha) is very beautiful bird, alias is “yairotyo”. Origin of the name is body colors (black, white, yellow, green, brown, red, blue and cream). Fairy Pitta is about 20cm and the body plumage of the upper surface shiny green, feathers covering the upper surface of the base of the waist and tail is blue, chest throat and body side surface of the plumage is pale yellow or yellowish brown, feathers covering the underside of abdomen is red. The tail colors are black, tip is blue.

Range & Ecology

Fairy Pitta comes to Japan from India, Taiwan, and Indochina in May through July to raise children and turn back to south in autumn. Breeding place is ground in the forest. Nest for parenting is made on the slopes along the valley. Nest is shaped dome, made of branches leafs and moss. They lay about 5 eggs at once, buck and doe incubate in rotation about 2 weeks. When the chicks are hatched, parents bird carry bait to nest in rotation. Chicks grow by eating earthworms, they leave the nest with parents. After fledging about 3 days, chicks practice to get bait alone.


Fairy Pitta is Kochi’s natural treasures, but there are only about 100-150 in
Japan. Their habitat is being destroyed by development and their population is declining gradually. There are still many factors that would reduce the population. Habitat is deprived through road construction, forest development, plantation. Parenting failed when photographer invasion to the nesting place to take pictures. These problems are very serious. Therefore, ecosystem Trust Association in Kochi Prefecture collect donations and buy the habitat of Fairy Pitta, make a protection place as a trust that people can’t enter and develop. Also in 1993 low for the conservation of wildlife species at risk of extinction is enforced, Fairy Pitta is specified rare wildlife species in Japan.


Fairy Pitta prefer a clean nature, so they live upstream of the Shimanto. If you want to see Fairy Pitta, go to the Shimanto valley you can maybe see Fairy Pitta

Fairy pitta lives in broad-leaved forest which consist of high wood ,they love environment that undergrowth is not developed because the sunlight blocked by the crown. Feeding habit is food animals, they eat earthworms, insects, crustaceans, and so on. Breeding system is oviparity. When the breeding season , they chirp loudly on the tree. フォームの始まり