A natural monument of Kochi Prefecture:Tosakingyo

by S. Takahashi


Nishiki, Tosa (Tosa Kyn) is a natural monument of Kochi. It was bred around Kochi-city, Kochi, and It was old, and the history has been already bred in the Edo era. However, It was endangered by war damage and south seas great earthquake disaster (1946), but it is said that Nishiki, Tosa of several of them which survived is the current cause. Nishiki, Tosa (Tosa Kyn) is a natural monument of Kochi. It usually is called “Nishiki, Tosa fish” without calling it the money of Tosa, and the lover is called the Queen of the goldfish from the beauty. Similarly with “IDUMO of Shimane Nanjing” of a goldfish authorized as a natural monument of the prefectures, “metal (six scales) of Aichi”, It is famous as 3 Japanese earth goldfishs.


It is one of the kinds of the goldfish, it is established as a kind originally in a country (Kochi-city) of Tosa, and Tosa goldfish is a pure domestic production goldfish conveyed in now.It is the Meiji era that Nishiki, Tosa fish was established as a kind. The construction in an overhanging style repeats improvement from the thing which crossbred strong “goldfish” and “Osaka Ranchu” of the tension of the outer rib in Mr. Suka Taro Kame of the Sugas (1856 through 1937) more, and it is said to a near goldfish that It fixed it in a current figure. From “a goldfish” and mating of “Osaka Ranchu”, It draw a form and essence that It is such original, and is beautiful, and it may be said that it is artistic sensitivity of Mr. Suka Taro Kame and a crystal of the efforts besides to fix. But the Nishiki, Tosa fish at that time was slightly different from the current Nishiki, Tosa fish and seemed to be the figure called “the shrimp tail” which the both ends of the outer rib of the tail projected into forward.

Range & Ecology

The figure is near to a goldfish; egg-shaped, but good goldfish has a refined impression particularly is thin, and to have a sharp it from the eyes to the lips.So the swimming is unhurried, and the figure right and left can shake a soft tail, and to dance elegantly is compared to the flower of the peony by the figure.

There is the color of the body with red, red white (printed cotton), white, gold. But very much in comparison with other goldfish oddity (fading:) Because body color) is slow, the thing which is black in the pro-fish more than three years is not rare. In late years it is flow gold mating in a part and crosses such as the thing which the inversion of the tail is weak, and fading is remarkable, and is early or the money of Kyariko Tosa are seen, but It divide it with these definitely and am treated particularly to be different for a kind at all.

And from what was promoted in Kochi-city of the southern country, It has constitution resisting a high temperature very. In addition, on the other hand, can endure even low temperature of the winter season as the surface of the water freezes like other goldfishs. It is said that like alkalescence of the pH 8 degree about the quality of the water.


We can see the “Tosakin” in the aquarium Kochi.