Eringi: Pleurotus eryngii

Eringi is a kind of mushroom. It is a relatively new kind of mushroom. It is famous cooking ingredient Also, mushroom is used as medicine. It is used in Chinese medicine mainly. However, there is the bad aspect by human. It is a kind of having poison. Poisonous mushrooms are said to have 5000 species in Japan. It is eat when come out various symptom. However, it is judged very difficult have a poison. Insects eat mushrooms.

The mushrooms increase by sporogenesis. At first a spore is formed. When it grows up, it jump out. Then land in the favorite place. After that it germinates and grows up. This is a child of the mushrooms. When this grows up, it became a mushroom.

Eringi is cultivation performed in Japan. It explained the procedure. At first, prepare the lump bacteria of Eringi. It soaked into water. If around 30 minutes pass , it throw away water. It put in a bowl. It added some water. Set it to 20 degrees Celsius.

Mycelium occurs a few days. 7 ~ 10 days increases the mycelium. Process will appear in a few days later. That child will mushroom. Then grow over time. After some growth, give the air. Can be harvest a few days later. This can be done at home. It was first held in Aichi in 1990. The first was a series of failures. But now is different. Artificial cultivation of mushroom has been established.

Mushrooms grow in the shade and moist. Most of mushrooms grow itself in the ground. However, some mushrooms grow itself inside the ground. The mushrooms shape is different.

However, mushroom has a very important role in ecosystem. Mushroom belongs to fungi. The fungi can analyze the low molecular compound. Other creatures, low molecular compound cannot analyze. Without fungi,influence reflected on ecosystem. The mushroom is very important by ecosystem. Also, insect that nest in mushrooms such as snails and flies and ants. An ant, grows mushrooms. The ant is called Hakiriari. They are grows mushrooms. Then, to feed it. These cultivation are done by most of mushrooms.

Eringi comparatively cheaply in a supermarket. Eringi is well edible in Japan. It is import or a cultivation article for sale almost. More Eringi grows wild around the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Eringi grow wild in the steppe climate area.
However, Japan has been actively cultivating it. In Kochi, it can be found at Kuroshio Town, which is very famous for Eringi cultivation.

This mushroom has weak fragrance. However, it is filling and therefore it is very popular. It is used for French food and Italian food. Eringi has value very high nutritional value that it retains even when heated. It is eating when can a lifestyle-related disease prevent. Also, it is effective in diet therapy. Surprisingly, it is also effective in preventing cancer.


  1. I was surprised that Eringi grows wild around the Mediterranean Sea.
    I didn’t know Kuroshio Town is very famous for Eringi cultivation.


  2. I like Eringi, specially eating with Yakiniku.
    I know that Eringi is effective in diet and preventing cancer for the first time.


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