Tsugasarunokosikake: Fomitopsis pinicoia

This bracket mushroom is said to look like a stool for a monkey is hard and woody and they grow from the trunk of a tree or large shrub. It is a member of the “polypore,” or bracket mushroom group. T Its scientific name is the Fomitopsis pinicoia . Japanese name is tugasarunokosikake.

The Fomitopsis pinicoia thickness is 15 centimeter and diameter is 30 centimeter. these big polypores can grow to a thickness of 20 centimeter diameter to 50 centimeter Its surface color is reddish brown or grayish brown . they are a wood rotting fungus. As a result, forestry workers dislike them . A kind of polypore is sold as a health food an the Internet . A kind of polypore is used a herbal medicine . Polypore has diuretic effect and is used in medicine. Coriolus versicolor has suppressed cancer .

There are five varieties of the family Polyporaceae: Phellinus igniarius, Rigidoporus ulmarius , Coriolus versicolor Laricifomes officinalis and Fomitopsis pinicoia. Their family belongs to the order of Aphyllophrales, class Hymenomycetes, phylum Basidiomcota, kingdom Fungii.

Phellimus igniarius is diameter 10 ~ 25 centimeter and biggest is diameter 50 centimeter. Fomitopsis pinicoia is smaller then the Rigidoporus ulmarius . Coriolus versicolor is diameter 2 ~ 5 centimeter and a thickness of 1 ~ 2 millimeter . Its surface color is black , grayish brown and yellowish brown . Their color are Various ring spot .

Laricifomes officinalis is 15 centimeter tall . A cold remedy and A stomachache remedy are in afolk medicine . but Laricifomes officinalis has a poison .

Its distributioh is a conifer of trunk or a conifer of dfallen tree in north hemisphere Temperate Zone .

In Kochi, Fomitopsis olivacea does white rot to Japanese chinquapin . Fomitopsis olivaceae is found in Tosa City . T Mt. Ishidate is a good place to see polypore.


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