Tengutake: Amanita pantherina

Tengutake(Scientific name is Amanita pantherina) is a kind of toadstool. Its body is about 20~30 cm and color is white. It has a brown cap and there are many white grains on the surface of cap.

Tengutake belongs to the Tengutake family, Tengutake genus. Kinds of Tengutake family are Benitengutake, Tamagotengutake, and Tamagotake etc. Benitengutake has a red cap, and Benitengutake’s poison is weaker than that of Tengutake and Tamagotengutake. But Benitengutake is famous on book and TV game etc. Tamagotengutake has a white cap and a very strong poison will kill a person. Tamagotake has an orange cap, but Tamagotake doesn’t have poison. Therefore, it is edible. Tamagotake’s cap is round first. When it grows up, it opens and is depressed.

Tengutake grow in the forests in the temperate zone from summer to fall. Tengutake grow mainly Japanese red pine forests, Konara, and Kunugi forests etc.

If you eat Tengutake, it cause the runs, vomit, and hallucinations. And it may cause unconsciousness. Tengutake’s poison have a effect to kill fly. So, Tengutake is called Haetoritake.

If you walk in the forests and find a mushroom that you can’t identify, don’t take and eat it.


  1. I dont know most about tengutake. But read this article, I can distinguish between Tengutake and another. We must take care of Tengutake,when we take an edible wild plants.This is an instructive article.


  2. I like to walk in the mountain and eat mushuroom so it is very frightening even if the orange cap one don’t have poison. I think if it is written that “where live in kochi”, it become more concrete.


  3. I have not ever watched that a mashroom cause the runs, vomit, and hallucinations. I have ever watched it on TV games and books. I read this article , I thought Tengutake is so terrible.


  4. I dont look Tengutake I only hear . I look this picture frist time .
    I think that it is very terrible to eat a mushroom not looked


  5. I have heard that fly agaric(Benitenbutake) is delicious.
    I want to try eating…but I will keep them so stop so scary.


  6. I found this page while looking for the Japanese name of the benitengutake. Thank you for writing this.

    I live on the West Coast of the United States, and we have a similar species. We call it the “fly agaric” in English, too. We have something similar to the tamagotake, too, but I don’t eat it because it reminds me too much of the poisonous ones. However, the more dangerous one here is the death cap, Amanita phalloides.


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