Maitake: Grifola frondosa

There are a lot of mushrooms all over the world and there are a lot of species of Maitake, for example, Shiromaitake, Tonbimaitake, and Choreimaitake. Shiromaitake often live upon a beech tree. Tonbimaitake often live upon beech and mizunara trees.

There are a lot of food value in Maitake. For example, vitamin D, naiashin, zinc, mineral, dietary fiber.There are two ways of cultivation. One is Genboku cultivation. Another one is Kinshou cultivation. Kinshou cultivation is cheaper than Genboku cultivation. Since 1990, Kinshou cultivation is prevail because of the easily and cheaply technique.

Grifola frondosa belongs to the Funji Basidiomycota Hymenomycetes Aphyllophorales Poloyporaceae Grifola frondosa. It ranges from warm temperature zone to northern up one temperature zone. It is widely distributed in whole Japan and north of the Northern Hemisphere.

In autumn, it often grows in roots of parasited tree from the latter part of September to the first ten days of October. The thread of bacteria can grow in the range of temperature from 5 to 35 ℃ and exist in the range of best temperature from 25 to 30 ℃ . Also , the child fruit can live in the range of temperature from 18 to 22℃ and exist in the range of best temperature from 15 to 20 ℃. The thread of bacteria shows best growth in the range of pH from 4.4 to 4.9. And, the width of the sawdust , the concentration of carbon dioxide while it growing , humidity , the amount of light, the wavelength of light are important for the quality of Maitake .

The child fruit form mass and grow. It often be found direct over 50 centimeter and weight of over 10 kilogram. Maitake is parasitic in the big tree of stub of beech forest and cause the bacteria to the roots.

In Kochi Prefecture , it is discovered in forest which show paragraph 4 . Basically , there are exist in all over the Kochi Prefecture . Especially, in the forest from the latter part of September to the first ten days of October.


  1. There are two ways of cultivation of Maitake. Maitake is treasure house of nourishment. His presentation great.


  2. I knew that when though bacteria and the fruit of Maitake grew, some right temperate and that acid soil was necessary .


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