Wild boar

Wild boar is classified as Vertebrata Mammalia Artiodactyla Suidae Sus Scrofa. And they are one of popular mammals in Japan. They have 16 kinds in world, for example, “Babyrousa” which lives in Indonesia Sulawesi; “Phacochoerus” which called “Iboinosisi” in Japan, which lives in Africa and “Sus” is group which belong Wild boar. They are the ancestors of pig, so their character is similar. In Japan, two kinds boars exist, “Japanese wild boar” (S. scrofa leucomystax) lives in Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. “Ryukyu wild boar” (S. scrofa riukiuanus ) which is called Yamashisi or Yamanshi- lives in Ryukyu Islands.

Wild boar has strong adaption to the environment, but they don`t living in the cold latitudes. They live in forest, grassland, and wetland of temperate zone to the tropical zone. In Japan, they usually live in the forest. But sometimes they appear near human being place…rice fields, vegetable fields, fruit farm and even town. The reason why their appearance near human is looking for foods, so damage of crops by boars is sometimes done. Especially boars like forest where a lot of foods for boars and Nutautiba where boars take dip by mud and have water. (Image 2). But even more important, it is able to hide.

Wild boar is an incredible animal. They have strong body which in adult is 100~170cm long and 80~190kg in weight. Their colors are usually brown and black but rarely white. And, they have legs that can run about 45km an hour and jump vertical about 120cm. The nose of bore is very useful. It can lift same weights of bore`s and smell and find foods even that are hidden in ground. So, they are used by human to find truffle. They have about max of 15cm task, so their rush is very dangerous.

In fall and winter, they mate, and in spring, mother bore gives birth to 2~8 babies. Then in summer mother care for her kids with vertical stripe what call “Uribou”.(Image 3) So, in Winter again, kids develop from mother and start living by themselves. Rarely, they give birth two times in one year. And father always don’t take care of their kids.

They eat almost anything. They eat roots of plant, new leaves; stem underground, fruit of tree and small living, insects and warms for example. But they usually like vegetable plants, so, they like crops too, and they tear up fields. So, for protecting it, “boar defense” is important. First, make improvement to make hiding impossible. Second, defend field not to see crops by high and deep in underground fence.

In Kochi, of course wild boars exist. If you want to see them, you should go to the mountain where there are many trees and rich water and living place, for example system of Turugi, But they have very strong wariness so it is very difficult to see, and be careful of their dangerous rush if when meet suddenly and surprise them. If you come across one, you must not look into its eyes but you should leave casually.

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  1. I suprised that they have legs that can run about 45km an hour and jump vertical about 120cm.I do not see it.I want to look sometimes.


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