Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake (Lentinus edodes) classified Hiratake department and Matsuouzi genus. There are three species Donko, Kouko and Kousin. Shitake is so healthy. Recently metabolic syndrome is increasing. Shiitake is low calorie and has vitamin D2. That takes down blood pressure, prevents for stroke and arteriosclerosis. That reduce cholesterol by Eridanin. Vitamin D2 promote calcium to born. So it prevent for osteoporosis.

Also, Shiitake have a lot of mineral and dietary fiber. So they prevent for large intestine cancer and heart disease. Mineral is most important element in red blood cell. That prevent for anemia.

Shiitake is most popular mushroom in Japan and export. Donko is so round and is tough and fleshy. Kouko is middle class between Donko and Kousin. Kousin has thin cap. So it is so useful. That called Syanku in China. It is so popular in China. Kousin is convenient for cooking. It is most expensive of three species. There are two types row shiitake and dry shiitake (raw shiitake is called nama shiitake in Japan. Dry shiitake called hosi shiitake in Japan.). row shiitake use for a dish cooked in a pot at the table, soup, chawamushi, udon and makizushi. It is easy to lose its freshness. So at the supermarket do not buy a lot. Instead, take an elastic one whose cap is fleshy and whose reverse is white color. Thick stalk is so pleasant. Dry shiitake is dried for preservation. It used for food boiled and seasoned and food boiled down in sweetened soy. Dry shiitake has a secret. It showered with ultraviolet rays and products many vitamin D2. So Dry shiitake has too much amount of vitamin D2. Moreover compared to row shiitake and Dry shiitake, Dry shiitake has ten times taste element. The reason is in dryness. That condenses taste element in the cell rather than common Shiitake.

In Japan, the history ascend for Edo period. The British investigation party took back shiitake and named for that. Cultivation was in Edo period too. But that is uncertain method. In 20th century, art cultivation succeeded. At present, it is first cut down origin wood for Shiitake in October from December. Next hurt for the wood and plants many Shiitake germ. Next collect the origin wood and close to each other. After a year Shiitake is growth is complete.

In nature they grow in dead tree of Broad-leaved such as Kunugi, Sii, Nara and Kuri etc. They have an umbrella at the short stock. Another Shiitake grows at side at dead tree. The pattern stock grows large curve. In Japan they are found in Kumamto, Oita, Miyazaki, Nagasaki in Kyusyu and Gunma, Tochigi in Kanto and Iwate, Akita in Tohoku and Tokusima in Shikoku. In China they found at Fuxtuken, Konan,.

In Kochi Shiitake is not native, but it is grown in the west district by a lot of farmer in such places as Shimanto, Nakatosa, Tsuno, Susaki, and Sazikihara.


  1. I understand siitake’s good points.
    Siitake is very healthy but I don’t eat dry siitake.
    Someday Iwant to grow it.


  2. Siitake is very delicious.
    So I want to eat it.
    And I don`t know to grow in many species of trees.


  3. It was able to know the mushroom well.
    It is effective in the metabolic syndrome and I want to eat.
    I thought making in various points considerably.


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