Fiddler Crab

by T. Oda Class fiddler crab has 10 Japanese types. Fiddler crab and hakusen fiddler crab are distributed in Kyusyu … More

Japanese dormouse

by Y. Minami Introduction There are many animals that are in danger of extinction in Kochi. The Japanese dormouse is … More

Common Jay (Graphium doson)

by M. Yabumoto Mikadoageha or the Common Jay (Graphium doson) is a special protected butterfly in Japan. Mikadoageha’s subspecies live … More

The Rare Red-Eye

By Y. Horisawa Do you know the biggest salty river fish in Japan?That fish is Japanese lates(Lates japonicus) and his … More

Japanese lates

by Y. Nishioka Description Japanese lates is rare fish. First, they are very few to be fished by fisherman. Next, … More

Chub mackerel

by T. Nishida Scomber japonicus, or the Chub mackerelhas been eaten long by Japanese. Scomber japonicus is one of Scomber. … More

Northern Goshawk

by M. Okuda The Northern Goshawk , Accipiter gentilis is a medium-sized species belonging to Falconiformes Accipitridae. Is common species … More

Japanese Tree Frog

by M. Terada When it rains, this frog always cries. This phenomenon happens all over Japan. So Japanese tree frogs … More

Marbled Rock Fish

by N. Takimiya Do you know the fish that we can fish easily and is delicious to eat ? Its … More

Nihonkamoshika:Capricornis crispus

by M. Fukunaga Description and Taxonomy The taxonomy of Nihonkamoshika is Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Mammalia Cetartiodactyla Bovidae Caprinae Rupicaprini Capricomis … More

Schlegel Tree Frog

by K. Matsumoto In Japan. there are many frogs living, we can hear their song and find them on rainy days. … More

Black-Spotted Pond Frog

by S. Ogino The black-spotted Pond Frog is one of the famous frogs in Japan. Scientific name is Rana nigromaculata. … More

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

by R. Akasaka. Introduction The sea turtle is a living thing that usually lives in the sea, and lands when … More

Oita Salamander

by M. Okamoto Introduction First, salamanders are  amphibians.  They were called “hazikamiio” and “hanzaki” long ago. There is a legend … More

The Toad

by T. Kawauchi Introduction Toad is a generic name of four kind of frogs. The four kinds are “Asiatic toad”, … More

Fairy Pitta

by S.Kajikiyo Introduction There are wonderful natures in Kochi and many various forms of life. Among of those organism, Fairy … More


by R Yamamoto Introduction The “Master of Shimanto river” is an another name of “Akame”. Its scientific name is Lates … More

Oncorhynchus masou

by M. Hattori Introduction Oncorhynchus keta have various lifestyles. They are born in the river and live off the coast. After … More