Japanese giant salamander

by S. Tojima Kochi has a lot of natural places.  About 80% of the prefecture is mountainous.  These areas have a … More

Japanese Tree Frog

by M. Terada When it rains, this frog always cries. This phenomenon happens all over Japan. So Japanese tree frogs … More

Schlegel Tree Frog

by K. Matsumoto In Japan. there are many frogs living, we can hear their song and find them on rainy days. … More

Black-Spotted Pond Frog

by S. Ogino The black-spotted Pond Frog is one of the famous frogs in Japan. Scientific name is Rana nigromaculata. … More

Oita Salamander

by M. Okamoto Introduction First, salamanders are  amphibians.  They were called “hazikamiio” and “hanzaki” long ago. There is a legend … More

The Toad

by T. Kawauchi Introduction Toad is a generic name of four kind of frogs. The four kinds are “Asiatic toad”, … More