Etrumeus teres: ウルメイワシ

By Y. Iwata


image00A round herring is a fish often eaten in Japan. However, few people know very much about a round herring. Therefore, I think that I would like to introduce a round herring.


The round herring belongs to order herring clupeidae herring, and if it grows, it will be set to about 30 cm.Since eyes seem to be greatly wet, it is called the round herring。The back side of the color of the body is indigo, and the belly side is silver.Moreover, the lower jaw has projected before for a while rather than the upper jaw.

Range & Ecology

The round herring inhabits the warm and shallow sea in the world, and, of course, also inhabits the Tosa bay. A round herring goes north from spring in summer, and goes south from autumn in winterTherefore, it appears in the Hokkaido coast in summer.Food is plankton.

Use & Conservation

A round herring is used as a dried food, and is also served as sashimi or grilled with salt.


  1. It’s interesting.I didn’t know about urumeiwasi.But I knew its information.Thank you.


  2. It is explained about round herring.
    I think it is a subject of Kochi prefecture only.


  3. I don’t know that the round herring goes north from spring in summer and goes south from autumn in winter. I thought the round herring lives same area during it life.I want to know how to born the round herring eggs and when and where it can borneggs.


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