Shiogiku: Chrysanthemum shiwogiku

Chrysanthemum shiwogiku is an apetalous wild chrysanthemum that grows near the ocean. Its scientific name Chrysanthemum shiwogiku; another name is shiokazegiku. The height of shiogiku is 25~35cm. Shiogiku has a spatulate leaf, the back of which is covered with silver hairs. The exterior of the leaf has small guard hairs.. Shiogiku sends out a subterranean stem which becomes detached. The leaf is an oval, and a large, round saw blade enters. The leaf is thick, and the table is green, and a white hair is bristly on the other side. A lot of buds are attached in a pyramid and the flowers are all cylindrical. In other word, a flower is not located in a line outside

The taxonomy of Shiogiku is a Plantae, Magnoliophyta, Magnoliopsida, Asterales, Asteraceae Chrysanthemum shiwogiku.

Shiogiku around Muroto cape becomes full-bloomed from the end of November to the beginning of December. Shiogiku mainly blooms in rocks and colors Muroto cape from the late autumn to early winter. Shiogiku grows in cliff of the seashore from Yasu-cho, Kochi to Ishima, Tokushima-ken. Siogiku just like Kisiogiku is in western Wakayama Kii Peninsula.

Shiogiku is a perennial herb and the flowring season is fall. Shiogiku and Kiisiogiku are often alike. The difference of the mutation of Shiogiku and Kiisiogiku is big capitates and wide leaf. But the chromosome of Kiishiogiku and Shiogiku is 2n=72 with a 8 time object. Isogiku is growing in Shizuoka. Since Isogiku is 10 time object 2n=90, it has a clear difference with Shiogiku. The classification top is also another kind. Shiogiku near the Muroto cape makes a cylindrical flower tear. It is the greatest thing as which the group of Shiogiku of the Muroto cape is not regarded at other places in the area over which Shiogiku is distributed.

The Muroto cape is an area precious as a botanical area for Shiogiku. So the best place to go to see it is the Muroto cape. However, a hybrid can see by mating with Nojigiku and Siogiku is in the critical situation of extinction in recent years. Moreover, it can see even in the Makino botanical gardens.


  1. It was able to know the feature of Shiogiku.
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  2. I can comprehensibe about it,I think it is very interest plant.Kiku is see at the Bon festival,so the coming this plant season.


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