Cosmos Festival

by Kazuto

Kochi is at the height of summer. The sun is shining very strongly. I am on a motor bike on my way to Ochi town. It takes more than one hour to get there from Kochi city. It is exceptionally hot today. Soon after arriving in Ochi town, the heat made me jump into a river. Maybe it is the cleanest river I have ever seen. I am like a small child now. How did we lose our childlikeness like that? The one thing is certain. Becoming an adult doesn’t always have a good effect on us. That seems to mean losing our comfortable childhood, dreams and hopes. Some families are enjoying camping on the riverside, and some of them were frowning as if they saw something strange in the river…

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Ruddy Kingfisher

“Akasyoubin” are kind of kingfisher and range over the forest and can be seen as a summer bird In Japan. Because they have a red bill like fire and red body, they are called “fire bird”. Then their English name is “Ruddy Kingfisher” and scientific name is “Halcyon coromanda”. Though their bodies and legs are red, they have the vertical lines of cobalt blue on waists. Their length is about 27cm. Continue reading Ruddy Kingfisher