by M. Harada


Yamamomo grow in Shikoku, Kyusyu and Okinawa. Yamamomo height will be 10 meters. Yamamomo have unique smell. Yamamomo’s nut color is blackred. And nut like peach. Nuts is delicious. But nuts are not nonperishable. Since it is not eaten widelybut is consumed locally.

Description & Taxonomy

Yamamomo’s scientific name is Myricarubra. Yamamomo is contained in the group Myricaceae.  Myricagale is contained in the same group. The Japan name is Yati Yanagi. Yati Yanagi live in Hokkaido and Honsyu. And it grows at the place where altitude is high.
Yamamomo’s bark color is ash gray. Yati Yanagi’s bark color is brown.

Range & Ecology

Yamamomo live in Japan and china. Yamamomo is grown to a warm district and it is strong to heat. And it is grown on the seashore. Since Yamamomo is strong to dryness , it is use for a roadside tree.

Use & Conservation

Yamamomo’s nut is used for jam. And it is used for fruit wine. A bark is used for medicine. It’s name is YOUBAIHI. The medicine has an effect in muscular pain and lumbago. And there is also work which helps the digestive process.


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