Tosaken: Kochi’s Famous Fighting Dog

by Y. Katayama


Dogs are lovely animals that are usually kept as a pet and which we can cuddle. It is very sweet. However, there is one dog that we can not cuddle or keep as a pet. It is Tosakenfightingdog. They attract us through a charm different from loveliness.


The kind was improved to the Tosakenfightingdog in the Tosa clan in active Shikoku of the dogfight at the Meiji era. Old English Mastiff, bulldog, bull terrier, great dane, etc were cross bred with the Shikokudog to produce this superior fighting dog.

The color of its hair, rough is red, fown, and a black. There were a lot of dogs that had a red macula in white in Kochi Prefecture the beginning of the Showa era. However, the number of red dogs has increased by the improvement afterwards. Torake and white exist a little, too. The hair quality is very short and hard.

The physique is very muscular. This is unusual Japanese dogs. The head is very like the mastiff. The skin is loose. This to be safe even if bittenThe tail and the ear a hung down.

There is very a difference in the physique. A big dog is 100Kg or more though small dogs are 30 kilos in weight. The dog of roughly 60Kg or more becomes a large dog.

The territorial imperative of the character is very strong. When the male fights, it becomes abnormally aggressive. However, it is obedient in reality, and it is very obedient to the master. There is bravely, and boldly endurance. The militant spirit and aggressiveness are first classes though it generously becomes accustomed to the person soon. Such a character is a charm of the Tosakenfightingdog.

Longevity is about 11 years. Where it lives until 18 is the highest record.

Because Tosa Ken’s power is very strong if it breeds, it is difficult for the woman to keep it. And, it is difficult also for raising dogs’ beginners. We should train with love and endurance when it is small because we might rage when lazy in the discipline.


The Tosa dogfight is assumed to be “Dangerous kinds of dogs” and there is a restriction in countries such as Britain, France, and Germany. The owner’s breeding is, and the snakebite accident is insufficient and there is pickled radish in Japan. The person has died on the inside. We are not carefully enough of breeding. It is likely to be bitten by the Tosa Ken. It is important that and we make a good relation with the Tosa Ken.


  1. My hometown is kochi, but I didn’t know that Tosaken is very old culture. I didn’t know that Tosaken is some colors. Tosaken is famous culture in kochi. Reading this article, I want to watch Tosaken.


  2. Tosaken is very big and have a scary face.However, fighting dogs is small and have a scary face. It often sees by the stroll. I common news of fighting dogs. But I don’t know the figting dog that Old English Mastiff, bulldog, bull terrier, great dane, etc were cross bred with the Shikokudog .Therefore, it is small. I think cute that very muscular and loose of skin and small body. All the same time ,it is obedient in reality.
    I want to go tothe dogfight that this report seeing.


  3. Tosafightingdog is one animal I want to know.
    Because last year, I watched Tosafightingdog`s fighting in stadium.
    That was so amazing!!
    This report shows Tosafightingdog is so strong and cleaver.
    I want to watch Fighting one more time.


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