Northern Goshawk

by M. Okuda

The Northern Goshawk , Accipiter gentilis is a medium-sized species belonging to Falconiformes Accipitridae. Is common species of Hawk in Japan. It is called then, Taka, generally to Greta.

Morphology & Ecology

The male is approx. 50 cm length, female is full length is 60 cm, length of wingspan 100-130 cm. Variants in Japan characteristic macular white eyebrow and black eyepatch. It inhabited plains up to the mountains. High flying ability, while hunting small birds and small mammals to Satoyama aerial or ground catch bird of prey. And due to its location at the top of the food chain , it a requiresa healthy habitat cannot . Speed flying in horizontal flight is 80 km/h during the descent speed 130 km/h. once hunting stuk it is at relentless and hence hunting time is longer.

Relations with people

After having passed the rugged training, it was used for the hawk hunting by an excellent hunter it. The hawk hunting had already been done in benevolence emperor’s age, and done actively in the middle of Edo period. Because the capture of a domestic goshawk is prohibited, examples of traditional craftsmanship are succeeded now by the goshawk imported from foreign countries.

Danger of extermination

It is a near threatened species (NT) in the Ministry of the Environment red list. It is specified for the national endangered species of wild fauna and flora in 1993.

Kochi and goshawk

Extermination misgivings of large hawk in Kochi as birds of red list. It is registered as kind (CR).


  1. It made me surprise that goshawk was fammiar to us. I knew that hawk hunting but I don`t know goshawk was used then. However, it was sad truth that they are in crisis of extinction. So, if we don`t protect them, we can`t see imposing figure of them forever.


  2. I often go to fishing in sea a weekend.
    Then, if a fish is placed and left, it will often be eaten by the hawk.
    Although my fish is often eaten,The hawk to look up at comes out pleasantly, and is favorite.


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