Inoshishi: Wild Boar

Wild boar’s scientific name is Sus scrofa. The wild boar is an animal classified into the wild boar family wild boar belonging. Wild boar’s nose is a very sensitive, nervous animal.The wild boar has subspecies of about 30 kinds in the world.

Two subspecies the Japan wild boar and the Ryukyu wild boar are distributed in Japan. Wild boars live in the forest and meadow where the weeds grow on the low mountain belt and where the plain grows thickly, and likes place where the water place is near. Wild boar food habitat are places where the plant that has grown in the forest is underground stem, fruits, and bamboo shoot. The animal eats many insect kind, the earthworm, the river crab, and the snake, etc. according to the change of the seasons.

Moreover, it is likely to infest in the vicinity of the house for farm products. Birds and small mammals, etc. Wild boar’s are also sometimes eaten. However, it eats at time when the corpse had dropped by chance and time alone when another doesn’t have the eaten one at all.

The wild boar has the excellent motor nerve that the body cannot imagine. It is possible to run the speed at about 45 km/h highest. In addition, an adult mammal of 70kg has been observed to run-up and jump over the bar of the height of 121cm an the experiment by the Kinki chugoku Shikoku agricultural research center. However, it is not good at one with the stereoscopic effect. A hedge put up diagonally cannot be jumped over.

The power of wild boar’s nose is very strong, and can move as much as 50-60kg stone even with the female by 70kg or more in the male.Moreover, it has ability to swim though like dog paddle level. The wild boar that swims in the sea in Japan’s Inland Sea is frequently witnessed.

Recently, the number in Japan of wild boars that infest in the village is in the increasing tendency. Especially, doing the agriculture and forestry industry damage becomes a problem in under-populated areas and the senior citizen village. In Hiroshima Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture, etc., it infests even in the vicinity of the residential quarter, where it ruins the garden of the private house and eats the garbage of the road. It is known to cause personal suffering to harm man biting happen frequently, too.

The wild boar is hard to control because it has an advanced learning ability though there is control methods such as sounding the firecracker sound, and using the oil smell. It is too expensive and not realistic to put up steel or electrified fence to prevent it completely. Kure City and Takehara City, etc. in Hiroshima Prefecture provided the subsidy for the installation of the protective grille, and giving the wild boar food for the first time in the whole country enacted the prohibited wild boar ordinance to Kobe City.

Many wild boar lives in the mountains near Nakayama in Kochi Prefecture.


  1. I was surprised that wild boar can run the speed at about 45 km/h. I can predict this speed. Becouse I ride a motorbike. 45km/h is very fast.


  2. I have not seen wild wild boar.
    I was surprised at it is possible to run the speed at about 45 km/h


  3. I kwon they are strong and can swim because I hear from my grandfather,but I didn’t know more. I’m surprised that they can run the speed at about 45 km/h highest and jump the bar height of 121cm never the less their weight is 70kg. I understand that they are very stronger than I think.


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