Umibudou (Caulerpa lentillifera)

Umibudou( Caulerpa lentillifera) is seaweed. It classified in Iwazuta (caulerpares) family, iwazuta (caulerpaceae) genus. It follows Kubirezuta and another name is green cavior. In Okinawa that called longevity grass. People in Okinawa said, when people are sick, they eat the Umibudou and they recovered from serious illness. Another use is effective for heat injury.

Umibudou come under Kubirezuta. In Okinawa stalk of Umibudou can eat. Recently that is use for Sushi. That grows warm ocean. So it stock in refrigerator, the freshness is fall down rapidly. Umibudou is enjoying the peculiar crisp. But most popular cooking is sashimi. We eat that drop the soy sauce. Taste is a little sour. The crisp is called puchipuchi in Japanese word. In Japan edible seaweed are 26 species. For example, Aosa, Iwanori, Kurome, Hiziki and Nori etc in Japan.

In Japan is distributed southwest archipelago and Okinawa. Similarity species grow in Japan. For example Husaiwazuta, Itiiwazuta, Umibudou etc. Above all species, Husaiwazuta is confused with Umibudou. That distributed coast sea of Japan and coast Pacific. It resembles to Umibudou, so its easy to confuse. First Okinawa is cultivated in sea. At the present Umibudou is cultivated around whole country. So in the present Umibudou is artificial. But it is too resemble in nature.

It inhabits sand zone at shoal. It grows to about 2 meters from 5 meter. That has circle of stick at the stalk. So that resemble grape, that called sea of grape (Umibudou). That stand up light. That have a contract between stalk and stick.

Umibudou is viand of sea. So we can not eat easily. In Okinawa it is eat at cerebration party and wedding.

Recently the natural Umibudou was put on the red list in Japan. Red list is threatened with extinction or extinct species. For example there are king crab, ibis, Iriomote wildcat and sea otter etc. Especially Umibudou is lack of information. So in present natural species detail is not understand for us. In Japan lack of information called DD.

In Kochi we can’t see natural Umibudou. That freshness is most important in it. Recently that can cultivated around the world. So in Kochi began to cultivate. That found coast of Pacific ocean. In Kochi can see the natural Iwazuta genus is Husaiwazuta. But that can not eat as Umibudou. That should see during the tide.


  1. It was able to know the sea grape.
    The sea grape was a red data book and it knew on a roll for the first time.
    It was able to know there were 26 kinds of kinds of the sea grape.


  2. I had watched a umibdou on TV, but was surprised without can easily wat in Okinawa.
    I go to Okinawa sometime and want to eat.


  3. I know that Umibudou can eat, but I don’t know more so I’m surprised that they grow 2 meters from 5 meter. I think it more shorter than 1 meter so it is very useful to understand it.


  4. When I went to Okinawa on a school trip, for the first time I ate a sea grape.
    It was a strange impression that the texture of seaweed.
    I think once is worth eating there.


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