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The authors of each and every entry–except this onewell, and two other, related pages–are my students at Kochi National University. None of them are native English speakers and some of them have very limited English skills. Still, they have something worthwhile to share and we have endeavored to bring that to the surface. They are mainly second-year students, and fall into two distinct camps. The guide to native plants and animals is written by students in my English for Biology class, most of whom are Biology majors. The longer, cultural features are written by students in the Kochi University EPIC program.


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  1. Thank you very much for this web site!

    I found your web site while trying to learn about a bird we heard at Matsumoto Castle. I also hear the same bird song when they show a castle in NHK Taiga dramas on TV. I think the bird may be a Tonbi. Your information on Kochi and natural history is very interesting and informative. I will read everything on your web site before our next trip to Japan.

    Steve Spielman

  2. Cool. Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment. The tonbi are impressive birds, aren’t they? Next time you come to Japan, please do visit Kochi!

  3. Thank you for your excellent website. I found your site after reading about the plan by JAXA to send a Japanese Dormouse into space in 2015. The animal sounded cute, so I looked for pictures online, and visited the Japanese Dormouse page.

    I enjoyed reading about the dormouse, and I am impressed that you write in such good English. It is always important to practice when learning a language (私も、外国語を練習して頑張っていますので、ヤマネについての記事が毎日小学生新聞で見つけました), so I hope you keep up the good work!

  4. Hi,

    Great blog! It gives and interesting insider’s perspective on Kochi life. I am a foreign research that studies the regional cuisine of Kochi. I am recently back in Canada after a year of research in Kochi. Keep up the good. I look forward to following your posts. Cheers.

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