Eating the Sweet Wife

by He Fang

“It’s delicious! It’s great!” I hear many loud voices behind the door. There is a party with nearly 15 people. I’m late with a hungry stomach after a busy day at my part-time job. I run inside the door in a hurry. “Oh, what a pity it is! We’ve just enjoyed the Kazutoyo’s wife. Pretty good! But there’s none left for you. We are all out! ” One of them tells me with his mouth full. “What?” “A person? ” I’m surprised, and I have no idea what he is saying. “This morning we had a small tour to visit the old house of Kazutoyo, and he bought the manjyu called ‘Kazutoyo no tsuma’ at the souvenir shop.” Says a girl with a smile. “This is a special sweet with konatsu taste. I recommend it!” “Me too.” “Yes, it’s delicious!” A lot of voices follow her.

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