The History of the Big Cedar in Otoyo Town

by Chisa Kawakami

The Osugi michinoeki is a two-story blue building with many banners flying outside advertising many different foods and drinks. Nearby stands a map with a picture of the late Misora Hibari (a very popular Japanese enka singer) along with a monument and explanation of “michinoeki”. Continue reading The History of the Big Cedar in Otoyo Town

Otoyo Town’s Special Product

by H. Hattori

“What a hot day!” says one woman in front of her house. She and her neighbor are talking with. “Well, do you remember that today is Hange (半夏)?” says neighbor. “Of course. Why don’t we make Hange dango together for our workers? And also, Ginburo, a kind of black bean, are overgrowing here and there. So, let’s make Ginburo sushi too! I’m sure every worker gets happiness.” says woman. Just then, her child come back home and says “I’m home. Hey, mom. I’m really hungry!” “I thought you would say just like that. I made Konchin. Eat it and wait a dinner time.” Continue reading Otoyo Town’s Special Product

The Phantom Fermented Tea: Goishi Tea in Otoyo

by M. Watanabe

The women are talking cheerfully. “Irashai! Come in, welcome!” they say when we enter the roadside station (道の駅) named Osugi (大杉).

It’s a very humid day in June, and it has rained violently in Otoyo town, about one hour from Kochi. Beautiful river, green forest…and a little lonely roadside…along the road from Otoyo interchange, we can find roadside station, Osugi. Half of the place is a restaurant, the other half is shop. It is a little smaller than other roadside stations, but like other stations, some products were sold as usual.. Continue reading The Phantom Fermented Tea: Goishi Tea in Otoyo

Nature Parks in Otoyo

by Y. Nakagoshi

Once upon a time, a young girl went to visit a house under a waterfall at night. “May I spend the night?” she asked the master.

“Yes, of course,” he said. However, he began to distrust her because of the strange request she made next.

“While I am sleeping, please pour water over my body.”

“Why did she say such a strange thing?” he thought. He stealthily opened a sliding door of the room she was sleeping in and in his doubt stole a glance at her.

Surprisingly, a big snake coiled her up!! Continue reading Nature Parks in Otoyo

Beyond The River: A View of Life from Otoyo

by Telmen.B

Driving to Otoyo over one hour from Kochi city.

The drive to Otoyo takes about an hour from Kochi, some forty kilometres along a highway where you see big mountains and clear nature streams. It’s peaceful while watching beautiful nature of sightseeing.

“Oh my god, what is this place?” said somebody suddenly. We were surprised “What? Where? What happened?”. But she just said “I can see nothing here. There is nothing in Otoyo”.

Continue reading Beyond The River: A View of Life from Otoyo