A birthplace of smiles, “Obiyamachi”

“Hey, Let’s go to the Aeon!” I said to Satoru-kun.

I remember it was a cold day on 23rd December 2000 when the Aeon Mall Kochi opened. I was only 12 years old then. On the way home from school and holding a 100 yen coin, I went there with my friends. We saw the mall from outside. It looked really big. We swallowed. Continue reading A birthplace of smiles, “Obiyamachi”

Gendai Kigyosya: loved in Kochi

About 55 years ago, one couple opened a café at a street corner in Kochi. The café, named “Chopin”, was really small one.

One day, the husband felt his café to be too simple, so he tried to paint its windows like stained glass by watercolors for children. This led him to try to make it more and more wonderful. Continue reading Gendai Kigyosya: loved in Kochi


by Maho

It’s five in the afternoon in the kitchens of Kochi “obiyamachi arcade”, and lots of women come and go, totting shopping bags with both hands. Delicious smell of croquettes from the meat shop makes me hungry. At the snack stand, high school students are talking and eating taiyaki. Powerful women, their heads covered in hair nets shout out, “Konban no okazu ni, ikagadesuka?” (“How about these with dinner tonight?”) They are full of strong energy. Continue reading Hachikin!