Postcards from the Heart

第12回 大賞

“It was a momentary feeling, but I doubted your kindness long time ago. I offer you my sincerest apologies. One spring in the 21st year of Showa (1946), I left Sasebo, Nagasaki to Niigata Station by a demobilization train. On the way to Niigata, I had a long break at Osaka Station, and had a ration of rice. At that time, you started to collect the rice and said, “I’ll boil them for you.” I feared that you would steal my rice away. But one hour after, you returned to the station with steaming white rice. I was reduced to tears then. I never forgot your kindness.”

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Dining Sala

SALA is a cafe in Shinohara, Nankoku city.

The menu includes Italian and Japanese foods. For example, pasta, omelets containing fried rice, hamburger steak, bowls of rice with different toppings.  The lunch menu changes every day. Servings are generous and also, the drink menu is extensive. Outside and interior decorations are very nice. The shop is surrounded by bamboo and inside the sofas are soft, so you can relax. Atmosphere is very fashionable, relaxing and modern. It’s good for couples, group of friends and because there is a kids menu , it’s good for families. But in afternoons it always congested. Therefore,  probably you have to wait for a long time to get served. In addition, the dishes are a little plain. But coffee is very well presented and tastes good.

  • Address: 131-1 Shinohara, Nankoku City, Kochi prefecture.
  •  Tel number: 088-863-1188
  •  Parking: 40 spaces
  •  Shop hours: 11:00~23:00
  •  Regular holiday : Tuesday
  •  Capacity : 20 tables /52  people
  •  Average price :¥880~1,999