Japanese Sake in a Small Town

by K. Miwa

“Welcome, please come in,” says a smiling man in his 60’s who sticks his out out of the window.

The place was where the wonderful smells of a “history”. There were few lights, a little dark, and a cool air touched skin. There were a lot of tools and bottle of alcohol, around. The name of this place, Nishioka-Syuzo, and a Japanese sake is made in here. Continue reading Japanese Sake in a Small Town

Kure: tiny fishing town with a long history

by Sakie

One hour from the city centre of Kochi, two Pachinko stores are either sides of the road and an old-looking sign of “welcome to Kure” looms over head. The day we visited, it was raining so heavily and loads of moored ships on the dark colored sea came into sight. Stepping out of the car, the first thing that hits you is the smell of the sea, the smell of a fisherman town which lets you know you have arrived in Kure. Continue reading Kure: tiny fishing town with a long history

Jizake in Kochi

by Rei

It was a heavy rainy day when I visited the sake factory in my home town of Kure. I went to that store after, I don’t know, several years, and it had not changed at all. It’s an old Japanese building and at the front of the factory hangs a brown sakabayashi the symbol of sake making. Continue reading Jizake in Kochi