Yosakoi key to enjoying Kochi

The tall, beautiful red-haired exchange student, Julia Olsson from Sweden, is practicing the dance movements enthusiastically, sometimes laughing out loud and sometimes she and her Yosakoi teammates’ eyes meet happily at the campus of Kochi University. But everyone takes the dancing seriously. The festival is coming soon. Continue reading Yosakoi key to enjoying Kochi

Hachy Catches People’s Attention

A man is busily running in and out of an office in beach sandals. He takes 2 or 3 phone calls during just half an hour, and soon after, driving 15minutes to, running around with sprays through his factory, in which there are about 20 tanks of different sizes and those are exposed to sunlight. When he finishes taking a look at everything, he runs back to his car and goes back to his office again for one more conference or one more important document.

This is Jun Hachiya’s everyday life. Continue reading Hachy Catches People’s Attention

Atsukan Dragon

The mood is happy and audiences are laughing in front of the comedy team, “Atsukan Dragon”. Flowing words from their mouths are totally stupid and hilarious, making audiences laugh. It is like magic to change the mood from nothing to happy. It seems very easy for them to give happiness to audiences because they are just talking to each other. Japanese call these comedian groups “manzaishi.” Continue reading Atsukan Dragon