Welcome to the “Manga Kingdom” of Kochi!

All across Japan, about 1,500 high school students are making their pens fly across the page in order to qualify for the national Manga competition. They try to describe something with picture and words based on a theme. Some students draw a girl who is going home, the other students draw an apartment. They have a same theme, but their Manga are completely different. 

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Our Town, Aterano Asahi

“Welcome! Please relax and have a seat.” Women smiling gently were serving coffee and there was full of joyful chatting. Not just smiles, but bright yellow aprons and the soft colored orange roof written Ateraano Asahi seems to welcome people happily. It looks like a kind of place lighting up the small, quiet neighborhood of Asahi-machi. Continue reading Our Town, Aterano Asahi

Hirome Ichiba: a fantastic place to enjoy Kochi culture

The smiling maneki-neko always welcomes visitors to Hirome Ichiba in Obiyamachi, Kochi city. “Irassyaimase! Ikagadeshoka?” (Welcome! Would you like to try this?) From inside the hall, high-spirited voices spill out the gate along with delicious smells. Inside, the burning fire to cook one of Kochi’s famous foods, Katsuo-no-tataki, surprises and attracts all visitors, especially foreign tourists from China. Continue reading Hirome Ichiba: a fantastic place to enjoy Kochi culture

Kochi Castle Museum of History, where the people and history of Tosa meet

Treasures are shining and lighting the road to travel through the history of Tosa in the dark and quite space. Men and women of all age, their eyes glued to the exhibits.

“It is a fertile land that faces the Pacific Ocean on the south and is bounded on the north by the mountains of central Shikoku,” says a woman leading a group of visitors. “Let’s review the history of Tosa domain.”

“Wow…It was a 100 years ago!” an old woman says as they look at long Chronological table of Tosa history studiously. Continue reading Kochi Castle Museum of History, where the people and history of Tosa meet

The Embassy of Kochi: Katsuo-Guesthouse

Everyone around the table is smiling and laughing. This evening, three young female backpackers are just back from sightseeing, and naturally join in at the small table. They are like a big family, and the center of this family is Maki, the proprietress of Katsuo-Guesthouse.

“Welcome back from your trip”, says Maki. “Where did you go? I heard you would go to…” Continue reading The Embassy of Kochi: Katsuo-Guesthouse

The Toden Densha line: the heart of Kochi City

The Toden densha line in Kochi is an essential part of the life of the city and runs from Gomen to the east all the way to Ino in the west. The Tosadentetsu company was established in the Taisho period. At first, the company only ran trolleys, but have since expanded to became the one of the companies that represents the whole prefecture. Continue reading The Toden Densha line: the heart of Kochi City

A birthplace of smiles, “Obiyamachi”

“Hey, Let’s go to the Aeon!” I said to Satoru-kun.

I remember it was a cold day on 23rd December 2000 when the Aeon Mall Kochi opened. I was only 12 years old then. On the way home from school and holding a 100 yen coin, I went there with my friends. We saw the mall from outside. It looked really big. We swallowed. Continue reading A birthplace of smiles, “Obiyamachi”

Why you’ll love Kochi Castle

Kochi Castle, Main Citadel.
Kochi Castle, Main Citadel.

On a sunny day in the morning, I go to a Kochi castle by bicycle from my house. It takes only a few minutes. Wondering where to park my bike I looked up the castle. I walked through the park under the castle. I found a few people walking, sitting on the bench and feeding birds. It was full of green so felt like time goes on very slowly there. There is a little cabin, where my grandma works as a castle guide volunteer. A tourist comes and asks for a guide. Continue reading Why you’ll love Kochi Castle

Welcome to Sawa-man

Big slope
Big slope

After a heavy rain in the evening, people are heading up a big slope to go back to their apartments. Somewhere, some people are chatting. Everyone who goes by is greeting each other. “Good evening. How is it going?“ one of them says. In a restaurant on the first floor is a party. They are singing, playing the music and enjoying the foods which the owner who is living there served. Continue reading Welcome to Sawa-man

Gendai Kigyosya: loved in Kochi

About 55 years ago, one couple opened a café at a street corner in Kochi. The café, named “Chopin”, was really small one.

One day, the husband felt his café to be too simple, so he tried to paint its windows like stained glass by watercolors for children. This led him to try to make it more and more wonderful. Continue reading Gendai Kigyosya: loved in Kochi


TORIDEN is a chicken restaurant at Honmachi near Kochi castle. It is large and has the appearance of an Izakaya. It is near to the business district so it is very popular for office workers in the daytime. It is very crowded at lunchtime and you cannot eat if you do not line up. Most of customers eat the set meal that is a very cheap, plentiful and delicious . At night, many people eat the dinner menu such as a “charcoal fire barbecued chicken”. The atmosphere of the restaurant is lively  at noon and is like an Izakaya at night. There is no special lunch for children, so it is not good for small children.

  • Address: 4-4-49-1F, Honnmati, Kochi city
  •  Tel no: 088-875-1105
  •  Opening hours: 11:00~14:00, 17:00~23:00