Kochi-Shinko opening its door to the world

On a sunny mid-morning of March at the downtown tourist bus terminal, about 10 people wearing yellow-green vest with the word “Staff” across the front are walking around and checking various lists again and again. Suddenly, they check their watches, swallow hard and ready their perfect beautiful smiles for the arrival of the long-awaited tourists. Continue reading Kochi-Shinko opening its door to the world

Hirome Ichiba: a fantastic place to enjoy Kochi culture

The smiling maneki-neko always welcomes visitors to Hirome Ichiba in Obiyamachi, Kochi city. “Irassyaimase! Ikagadeshoka?” (Welcome! Would you like to try this?) From inside the hall, high-spirited voices spill out the gate along with delicious smells. Inside, the burning fire to cook one of Kochi’s famous foods, Katsuo-no-tataki, surprises and attracts all visitors, especially foreign tourists from China. Continue reading Hirome Ichiba: a fantastic place to enjoy Kochi culture

Kochi Castle Museum of History, where the people and history of Tosa meet

Treasures are shining and lighting the road to travel through the history of Tosa in the dark and quite space. Men and women of all age, their eyes glued to the exhibits.

“It is a fertile land that faces the Pacific Ocean on the south and is bounded on the north by the mountains of central Shikoku,” says a woman leading a group of visitors. “Let’s review the history of Tosa domain.”

“Wow…It was a 100 years ago!” an old woman says as they look at long Chronological table of Tosa history studiously. Continue reading Kochi Castle Museum of History, where the people and history of Tosa meet

Why you’ll love Kochi Castle

Kochi Castle, Main Citadel.
Kochi Castle, Main Citadel.

On a sunny day in the morning, I go to a Kochi castle by bicycle from my house. It takes only a few minutes. Wondering where to park my bike I looked up the castle. I walked through the park under the castle. I found a few people walking, sitting on the bench and feeding birds. It was full of green so felt like time goes on very slowly there. There is a little cabin, where my grandma works as a castle guide volunteer. A tourist comes and asks for a guide. Continue reading Why you’ll love Kochi Castle

Eating the Sweet Wife

by He Fang

“It’s delicious! It’s great!” I hear many loud voices behind the door. There is a party with nearly 15 people. I’m late with a hungry stomach after a busy day at my part-time job. I run inside the door in a hurry. “Oh, what a pity it is! We’ve just enjoyed the Kazutoyo’s wife. Pretty good! But there’s none left for you. We are all out! ” One of them tells me with his mouth full. “What?” “A person? ” I’m surprised, and I have no idea what he is saying. “This morning we had a small tour to visit the old house of Kazutoyo, and he bought the manjyu called ‘Kazutoyo no tsuma’ at the souvenir shop.” Says a girl with a smile. “This is a special sweet with konatsu taste. I recommend it!” “Me too.” “Yes, it’s delicious!” A lot of voices follow her.

Continue reading Eating the Sweet Wife