Autumn Darter

Typically red dragonfly refers to dragonfly belonging to Libelluidae Sympetrum,
but in the narrow sense it may point only to Akiakane. It is one of the most of popular dragonflies, and the name means of color and is found in fall. Other names of red dragonfly are Akanetonbo, Akane, Akanenba and Akatonbou. It is also called Tougarashitoubo and Kaminaritonbo in Tohoku. Continue reading Autumn Darter

Cabbage butterfly

Cabbage butterfly can be compared to other butterflies such as swallow tail etc. Swallow tail is bigger than cabbage butterfly, length is 80~120mm. Cabbage butterfly is about 55mm. Swallow tail is green, yellow and black spots color while cabbage butterfly is wing color is white but reverse side is thin black color. Front wing point is black and front wing and back wing have two black spots. Their eyes have compound eyes and heads have club feeler. Continue reading Cabbage butterfly


Insects are many many species, for example butterfly, moth, dragonfly etc. Mantises belong to the class insect. We think they evolved from cockroaches. They have scythe and are oviparous. Their head is triangle with compound eyes. Feelers are two and short. Also they have wings– there are front wing and back wing. The back wing is thin and clear. Ground mantises are degenerate and they can not fly. They menace to other animals. Continue reading Mantis